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ACCU is an organisation for anyone interested in developing and improving programming skills.

ACCU welcomes everyone who is interested in any programming language. ACCU supports its members by hosting mailing lists, running a yearly conference, publishing journals and organising online study groups. Join now and start participating.

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Latest Journal

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C Vu Volume 26 · Issue 4 · September 2014


  • Look but don’t touch
    Steve Love, Features Editor.
  • Testing Times
    Pete Goodliffe exhorts us to test code effectively.
  • A Secure Data Centre in the Heart of ... Bowthorpe
    Paul Grenyer takes a tour of MigSolv’s facility.
  • What Do People Do All Day?
    Matthew Jones gives some insight as to what his job involves.
  • Beware setlocal Behaviour in Visual C++ 2012 & 2013
    Alex Peterson investigates a bug in the Visual C++ runtime library.
  • Revisiting the Gang of Four
    Chris Oldwood reflects on things missed first time around.
  • Talk in Code
    Andy Balaam presents some tips on clear communication.
  • Standards Report
    Mark Radford reports the latest developments in C++ Standardization.
  • Code Critique Competition
    Competition 89 and the answers to 88.
  • ACCU Members Zone
    Membership news and committee reports.

The latest Overload is Overload 122. Further details of our journals are available here.