By Alan Lenton

Overload, 2(5):27, September 1994

Well, when I agreed to act as the production editor for Overload, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I suggest that any freelancer out there who is short of commercial work volunteers to help, because both Mike Toms and I have discovered that being involved is a sure fire way to be offered more commercial work than you have ever had before in your life!

This issue is late (again), but we learned a lot in its production, which will hopefully speed things up next time round. I do apologise to our readers for all the delays you have suffered, and I hope that they won’t occur in the future. Overload is a classic case of the problems of people trying to produce a professional quality journal in their ’spare’ time.

We hope that you enjoy this issue, there is plenty of meaty material, but we have tried to present it in a way which makes it readable and useful. Any comments would be appreciated.

Alan Lenton
Production Editor

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