Beyond ACCU... Java on the 'net

Beyond ACCU... Java on the 'net

By John Merrells

Overload, 6(28):, October 1998

This month's column is collated from suggestions posted to ACCU.general. Thank you to all that helped.


The Java FAQ from is on is best used as an introduction/overview. It covers topics which include What is Java?, Other resources, Java for C++, programmers, Language issues, API issues, Java platforms, Common problems, and Tools.

The Java Programmer's FAQ

The Java Glossary

An excellent site to consult whilst learning Java. Read it end to end after you've learnt the basics of the language.

Java developer connection

Free membership provides access to articles and white papers.

Cool IBM search engine on Java

Java and C++ web site

Bruce Eckel is the author of Java and C++ books and is a regular conference speaker.

His web site contains: source code, useful links, electronic copies of books, a full version of his book "Thinking In Java" and a draft version of his "Thinking In C++" (2e). The first edition was given a good review by Chris Simons, see .

Write once, run everywhere...

And debug everywhere, without the help of all those JDK porters and testers. The Java Spec report is an unofficial resource of errata, serving the Java community at large.

Together/J - UML modelling tool in Java

There's a lot at Object International.

It offers: Together/J - whiteboard edition, Playground - a tool for building object models (whiteboard edition, Win 3.x, 95, NT), OO courses (either by Workshops or by CBT)

Together/J is a tool that offers: UML diagrams plus Coad Object Models, Fast robust generation of system documentation, Extensive configurability of reverse engineering and code generation.

Java Tools

Integrated Java and HTML development environment

Java books recommended on UseNet

While monitoring I noticed an online bibliography being recommended. " Lorrie LeJuene at O'Reilly maintains a list of good books for different types of Java programming. This is rather noble effort on her part, since this list contains about as many non-O'Reilly books as books from ORA. However, we all agree that these are good sources of Java programming information, and it should boil down your choices from 700+ to about 6 or 7 ".

Visual Age for Java (an introduction)

There are links to most of the popular Java books along with some examples of the Visual Age for Java development environment at:

Misc Java links

Home page of James Gosling. He helped create Java within Sun and is the co-author of "The Java Programming Language".

Next issue... More Java

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