The Art of Learning and Mentoring

By Jutta Eckstein

Similarly to design patterns, pedagogical patterns present solutions to recurring problems in a given context. The wider context for the pedagogical patterns is teaching and learning, especially of technical subjects.

In this session, I want to explore how pedagogical patterns can help every individual to get better every day. Although we are often unaware of it - learning and teaching is part of the daily work of every team member. Thus, I want to show how these patterns can help to be a better mentor and therefore help the whole team to improve continuously. This might be what you were missing. Here are some of the tools you need in order to share experiences, learn from one another or rather to start mentoring consciously in your team.

The pedagogical patterns show you ways to learn actively and experientially, to give and take supportive feedback and to look at problems from different perspectives. Although originally developed for a training situation, these patterns are a wonderful source for all kinds of learning: individually, when pairing, and during meetings like review or retrospectives.

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